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Dear ______________,

This letter is intended to punctuate a verbal complaint I made via phone to the mall office on Nov. 19, 2009. As I told mall management on that date, my visit to Anytown Mall was less than pleasant due to the overly aggressive sales team from the hair-straightening kiosk.

As I attempted to pass through the mall, even though I intentionally gave the kiosk a wide berth, I was verbally accosted by the hair-straightening pitchmen. I can only compare the experience to that one might expect from a city street vendor or a carnival barker. I am sure this is not the image you want the Anytown Mall to project.

Two of the salespeople attempted to lure me to the kiosk with the misleading, "Hey, miss," and "Can I ask you a question?" style come-ons. I continued walking and said, firmly, "No, thank you." One of the salesmen started to follow me, and although he did not block my path he continued pitch his unwanted product.

The experience was uncomfortable and distracting. I did not enjoy being put in that position.

I have had many fine shopping experiences at the Anytown Mall, but if I have to rearrange my route to avoid these rude, off-putting vendors, I will rethink whether I patronize the mall at all - at least until the holidays are over and, I hope, the hair-straightening kiosk vacates.

While there are other mall kiosks in which the salespeople are eager and assertive, none rise to the intrusive level of the hair-straightening kiosk.

I hope this letter adds to what I am sure is a strong, negative consumer reaction to the sales tactics and approach of the workers at the hair-straightening kiosk. I urge you to direct the kiosk's operators to act in a manner more befitting the Anytown Mall, or revoke their lease.

Thank you,

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