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Bus Driver Behavior Complaint Letter Letter of Complaint

Dear ____________________,

I am writing to report inappropriate and unsafe behavior on the part of Bus Driver Charles on Route 8.

As my 4-year-old daughter and I boarded the bus this morning, with me carrying my 3-month-old son, my daughter dropped her teddy bear, Gus, and it fell to the pavement. She exclaimed, "Oh, Gus!" and retreated down the stairs to retrieve him. This took only a moment, but the bus driver barked at her: "Hurry up, little girl. I don't have time for your stupid bear!"

Just a few seconds letter, he stated "I'm over this" in an aggressive tone and pulled away from the curb before all the passengers were situated, resulting in several people stumbling.

The bus driver was extremely rude and his comments were out of line. My daughter cried silently in her seat for several minutes, and later that night she told Gus that he wouldn't be able to come on any more bus rides with her due to the "mean bus driver."

A supervisor needs to address Charles' rudeness, apparent anger management issues, and less-than-safe driving.

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