Free Letters of Complaint
Cash for Gold Complaint Letter Letter of Complaint

Dear ___________,

I am writing to express my disgust upon learning of the deceptive practices of your "service" in which gold is exchanged for cash. I feel scammed.

I freely admit that I could have done more research on the current market rate for gold in traditional channels. However, when I visited your store during an emergency on ___date__, I took your clerk at _his/her_ word. I was told ________________.

I later learned, to my alarm, that the exchange rate I was quoted was grossly out of line with government standards and the compensation offered for my gold was far below what I could have gotten from a jewelry shop or even on eBay. Furthermore, your letter states that my gold is only __ carats when in fact it is ___ carats.

$______ is a great deal of money to me, and this is not a time in my life when I need to learn such an expensive lesson.

I have never seen such unethical business practices. Rest assured that I plan on adding my name to the long list of complaints already on file with government regulatory agencies consumer advocacy groups.

I am demanding that you honor your 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and either return my gold items, described in the attachment, or pay me the difference between what I received on ___date__ and the rate paid by reputable firms. That amount is $_______.

I can be reached at 555-555-5555. I expect a response within seven business days.


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