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Clerk Overlooked Receipt Complaint Letter Letter of Complaint

Dear ____________,

I am writing to express my annoyance at an oversight by your clerk that resulted in my having to make a special return trip to your store.

On Nov. 18, I spent more than $350 at your store, purchasing a smartphone along with the recommended accessories. Upon returning home, I realized that a receipt had not been placed in my bag, nor had the printed materials required to claim the $100 rebate from Verizon.

I had put my son in child care for my initial visit to your store in order to minimize distractions and expedite the transaction. Imagine my disappointment when I realized I would have to absorb the time and expense of a return trip.

When I did return to the store, a clerk graciously and politely printed me a new receipt and rebate form. In fact, I wish to stress that your staff was kind and helpful at all turns. I would just urge that they pay closer attention to detail and ensure that each customer leaves with his or her receipt as well as any forms required to redeem an offered rebate.


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