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Complaint Letter Seeking Compensation Letter of Complaint

Dear _______________,

I am writing this letter to resolve a matter with you that occurred on the 12th of November during this year. On that date, I was scheduled to meet with you and discuss your financial situation. This was in line with the contract position I had accepted as bookkeeper for your company.

I arrived at your business place at the scheduled time (1:00 PM) and was asked to wait in the conference room. I waited there for a half an hour before being told that neither you nor any other representatives from the company would be meeting with me, and that your company had withdrawn from our agreement.

I hope you understand that my time is worth quite a bit and that I did not care for this abrupt and discourteous treatment. I am aware that we had not signed any contracts at this point, but since I cleared my schedule for this two-hour meeting, I believe it is reasonable to request compensation for my time, whether you chose to use it or not.

My rate is $50 per hour, and for two hours the total comes to $100. This can be made payable directly to me. Please send the check to this address, or to my office at 101 A Street. Thank you.


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