Free Letters of Complaint
Complaint Letter for Wage Nonpayment Letter of Complaint

Dear __________________,

I am writing to arrange a meeting with you regarding my wages for this month. I've found a discrepancy on my pay stub concerning my monthly payment amount and I would like to clear it up. The month in question ran from January 1, 2013 - February 1, 2013, and a copy of my pay stub is attached.

I make $12.50 an hour and I worked 160 hours this month. While I should receive $2000 for my work, I received only $1900 instead.

I believe that the mistake was made because I took 8 hours of vacation time on January 21 for a long weekend. While I see that my vacation hours were used, I do not think I was paid for the time.

Please peruse the pay stub attached and compare it to your files. I look forward to speaking to you and clearing this matter up soon.


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