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Complaint Overcharge Letter of Complaint

Dear _______________,

On November 15, I booked a two-night stay at your resort on Laguna Bay. The regular rate for that amount of time in the Oceanview Suite is $750. However, the reason that I chose your establishment was because I had a special voucher entitling me to a two-night stay for 40% off.

Before I booked my stay, I spoke to your customer service representatives to ensure that my voucher was good for the location and the room I had reserved. They assured me that my coupon was good for the date and location. However, after checking out, I was surprised to see that my bill was $600 instead of $450. That meant I was given 20% off, not 40%.

When I spoke to the gentleman behind the counter, he insisted that he was unable to help me and directed me to you. I am attaching a copy of my coupon, my registration receipt and my confirmation number, as well as my final bill. Please refund the $250 that I was unfairly charged.

I will expect to hear from you sometime within the next 14 days. Please help me resolve this problem as quickly as possible. Thank you.


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