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Damaged Goods Complaint Letter Letter of Complaint

Dear _______________,

I am writing to discuss a problem concerning a product I purchased from your store online. The product was called the BigBall Seat Replacer. My confirmation number is R1532PO.

I purchased the BBSR on May 31 and received it on June 5. Because the outside appeared undamaged, I opened the box and removed the product from its plastic wrapping. As I was blowing it up, though, I realized that there was a small tear in the rubber, which kept it from being inflated.

I understand that I've removed the item from its packaging, but I did not cause the tear, nor was it a byproduct of the inflation process. I spoke to the shipping company and they assured me that if the plastic and the box were undamaged then it was an issue with the manufacturer. That is why I would like to request a full refund or a replacement that is not damaged.

Thank you for your help with this matter. Please contact me at your earliest convenience at 555-123-4567.


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