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Disorganized Medical Office Complaint Letter Letter of Complaint

Dear ___________,

Our issue has been resolved simply by giving up on your office, but I wanted to let you know why my family and I have decided to go to another practice for our eye care. Perhaps recounting my experiences in writing will be of help. I've also left a Yelp review.

During the four years my family has been treated at your office, we have: shown up for an appointment only to be told we don't have one scheduled (even after displaying the reminder call on my cell phone); been refused replacement glasses due to a clerical error in calculating warranty dates; received someone else's contact lenses; and (after my eyes were already dilated) been told to come back later in the week because another tech was using the machine and "my" tech didn't want to argue with her coworker about it.

Such disarray and incompetence are in sharp contrast with the top-notch medical and vision care we have received from your doctors. What a shame that the office staff can't be of similar quality.

This week alone, two of my Facebook friends posted about issues with appointments at your office. One woman checked in and sat in the waiting room for an hour, where she received a scolding call on her cell phone from your office informing her that she had missed her appointment!

If these issues aren't resolved, you will continue to see patients leaving for other providers.


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