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Graffiti Complaint Letter Letter of Complaint

Dear ____________________,

The graffiti at City Park is a blight on my neighborhood and reflects poorly on the entire Anytown community. I urge the Parks Commission to take steps to curb this vandalism, whether through frequent patrols, security cameras or, failing that, a more responsive cleanup crew.

The Graffiti Task Force is clearly understaffed. It takes many weeks just to get someone to paint over graffiti, no matter how profane or even racist it is. I no longer take my children to the park because I never know what they will be exposed to in terms of graphic depictions or inappropriate words. My 6-year-old is learning to read, and imagine my shock when she recited a four-letter word that I won't even repeat here. "I saw it at the park, Mommy," she proclaimed.

I have a great respect for street art and I even have a coffee table book about Banksy. This is not Banksy. This is sloppy, hastily scrawled graffiti for the sake of vandalism. It needs to be brought under control. Funding must be found and action must be taken.

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