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Immigration Complaint Letter Letter of Complaint

Dear _______________,

This letter serves as a formal complaint against Mr. John Brown, who was my licensed immigration advisor from February 25 to May 20, 2013. I believe that Mr. Brown violated the competency standard 4.2, which kept me from fully and accurately completing my application.

Mr. Brown was very kind and polite throughout the application process, but unfortunately he did not fulfill his responsibilities as my advisor. The competency standard 4.2 states that an advisor must help their client through the application by informing him or her of the requirements, applying for supporting documents and assisting the client in submitting everything in a genuine fashion.

Mr. Brown failed to inform me that I needed to submit the pay stubs from my most recent employment as part of my application. When I approached him with my portfolio, he assured me that every document was in order and that I wasn't missing anything. Unfortunately, because I was missing a vital portion of the application, my request was denied.

I would like to discuss the terms of compensation with your company. I also believe that Mr. Brown should be retested in order to ensure that he fully understands the material that he's dealing with. Thank you.


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