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School Traffic Safety Complaint Letter Letter of Complaint

Dear ___________,

I represent a group of frustrated and concerned parents who believe that the School Board needs to be made aware of the unsafe drop-off and pick-up conditions at Anytown Elementary School. Things need to change before someone gets hurt, or worse.

This week alone, I witnessed: a shouting match among parents; two fender-benders; a car going at least 40 miles per hour in the school zone; and a child pulled out of the way of a car at the last possible second.

Beyond the obvious safety issues due to poor design and lax supervision, picking up students at Anytown Elementary is simply frustrating because drivers don't follow the rules (i.e.: cars are left unattended in the 3-minute pickup zone) and parents encourage their children to "jaywalk" as a time-saving measure. We can't afford to risk our kids in the name of a moment's convenience.

We are available to meet with trustees to offer further examples of the issues at Anytown Elementary. We can also offer recommendations ranging from redesigns to crossing guards.


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