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Smoking Complaint Letter Letter of Complaint

Dear ___________,

I have always been a firm believer in sharing, especially between neighbors. I would love to have you over sometime and share some cookies with you that I made with my two small children. They are also great sharers, and might even offer you some of the toys they don't particularly like (it's a difficult lesson.)

I'm writing, however, because if there's one thing I'd prefer not to share with you, it is lung cancer. Honestly, I'd prefer that no one have lung cancer, but I'm not here to tell you not to smoke. I would just like to remind you that our building has a no-smoking policy and that the fumes from your cigarettes are coming through our shared vent. It makes it difficult when I want to have the heat on or the windows closed. It makes me feel sick and light headed, and it keeps my children up all night coughing.

Second-hand smoke is a dangerous problem, and I hope that you understand that I would prefer that my family did not suffer the consequences of an activity that they're not even participating in. Therefore, I would like to ask that you smoke outside or out the window. If that is a problem, I'm more than happy to buy the first Nicotine patch!

Thank you,

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