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Vandalism Complaint Letter Letter of Complaint

Dear ____________________,

Imagine my frustration when I arrived to open my shop downtown this morning and found that curse words had been etched into my front display window—the same window I paid hundreds of dollars to have replaced just three weeks ago due to similar vandalism.

I pay monthly, as required, in the Downtown Business Association coffers. Where is my money going? I see dollars being spent on marketing downtown shopping and dining to Anytown residents and visitors. But who will want to shop and dine downtown when it is plagued with vandalism? It makes our quaint, historic downtown look shoddy and unsafe.

I urge you to implement a watch system, security cameras, or other measures to tackle this ongoing problem. As you know from our multiple appearances at DBA board meetings, I am not alone in experiencing this problem. Even business owners who have installed cameras and other deterrents continue to suffer damage to their property.

I plan to attend the next DBA meeting and I expect that the board members will be ready to finally take action on the vandalism problem.

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