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On December 1st, 2011, I stayed for two nights at Anytown Hotel in Anytown, Oregon. I was first attracted to this hotel by its many amenities, including the pool and room service. I was also enchanted by the attractive location, beautiful rooms, and classic service. Unfortunately, these wonderful qualities do not outweigh the problems I encountered at Anytown Hotel.

First of all, you must make sure they are charging you the correct rate. The hotel charged me double what they originally told me I would pay. You also must find other arrangements for your car, because their parking lot costs almost as much as the room.

The biggest problem with Anytown Hotel was that my room was not ready when I arrived. I had to wait for several hours after the stated check-in time. The hotel did not offer me any compensation for this inconvenience. From other reviews on this site, I can tell that this is actually a very common experience at Anytown Hotel.

In short: it's a great place, if you're lucky enough to get a room on time and the correct bill. But beware, because if you don't, your trip will be ruined.

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