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To the _______________ Police Department,

It is my sincere hope in writing this letter that you will have the resources to address a problem that is occurring on 35th Street, specifically between Washington Avenue and Tyler Avenue.

The neighborhood along 35th Street is quiet and residential, and many of the families that reside there have small children and pets. However, I understand that the university is nearby and that many college students drive through on a regular basis. While I had perhaps naively assumed that those receiving a higher education were literate, an appalling number of young drivers seem to be ignorant of the "25 MPH" signs posted clearly throughout the neighborhood.

The "Your Speed" radar trailer that you set up has so far been ineffective. In fact, I believe it has only served as a motivation for the drivers to find out who can break 70 MPH first. If that is the case then that irritating little red Jetta is winning by a long shot.

I think giving a stern lecture to every bored 20-something would be a marvelous punishment for this dangerous infraction, but I don't have the time and I'm sure it would do very little to rectify the situation. I propose instead that you introduce obstacles into this drag race. A stop sign on the corner of 35th and Jefferson would mean that drivers could never get up to truly dangerous speeds. A well-placed speed bump would mean they might leave their transmissions behind in addition to the empty beer bottles. These are just suggestions. A police patrol car on occasion would probably work just as well.

I hope that you have some means to help me make our community a safer place for everyone.

Thank you,

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